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let's tell your story

You can be more.

Asa business owner, you typically wear most (if not all) of the hats. With over six years in the industry, leave the strategy and marketing of your business to me, so you can focus on all the other things you love about running your business. 


here's how we can work together

Strategy 10.png
Strategic Planning

After learning more about you, your business, and your goals, I will provide you with a multi-phased plan that break downs the best process to help grow your brand and help tell your story.

Website Development 8.png
Website & Digital Development

Let’s move your business from Instagram to a website. I will help create a user-friendly website to better help you share your story and set you up to better expand your reach. This also includes evaluating your digital presence and finding ways to reach new audiences and create engaging content.

Project Management 4.png
Project Management

Do you need an extra set of hands to tackle a project or get something done? I am here to bring calm to the chaos and make the task feel less overwhelming.

Coaching_v2 4.png
Leadership Coaching

Everyone needs a coach. This is a space to feel heard and continue to develop your leadership skills, and let’s be honest, managing a business is hard. Show up better for your business by showing up for yourself.  

Event Planning 14.png
Event Management

Are logistics, run of shows, and multitasking not your thing? Does the thought of negotiating contracts scare you? Not sure to do virtual, hybrid, or in-person? Let me help you plan out the details of your event so all you need to focus on is showing up on time.

1 - Discovery

I want to hear all about your hopes and dreams for your business and everything in between. I will tell you a little more about my process and then after our call I will send over a proposal on what the best next steps are that strategically positions your business to shine.

I am here to actively listen with curiosity, pick up on details, ask the hard questions, and dig deeper into your business.

2 - Develop

I will work to unpack the complexities of your business’s marketing and then bring it back to you in a phased strategic approach that is easily understood, simplified and actionable to ensure that growing your business doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Pending your business’s needs this process will look a little different for each client, as the project plans are developed to reach your specific goals.

3 - Deliver

After agreeing on the strategic plan for your business, this is when we will hit go. By focusing on connection and conversion, I will effectively help grow your business and help you feel more confident in the direction your business is heading. 

Every project will incorporate feedback loops and co-collaboration to ensure your are seen, heard, and included in the success of this process and ultimately make the work better, together

here's is the process

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