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get to know me

Hi, I'm Tyrelle! Nice to meet you. 

A couple years ago, I was flying from city to city working at an advertising agency in the Twin Cities, and thought I was on the fast track to becoming Miranda Priestly. Well skip ahead a few years, I am living in Central South Dakota and being a newlywed with my husband, Levi, and our dog, Link. I spend most of my free time helping out on my husband on the ranch. 


I get back to Minnesota as much as I can to spend time with my mom, sisters, and pals but my niece and nephew typically steal most of my time. However, whenever I am there I make sure I visit my favorite ice cream places, and get a coffee from Nina's. 


Be More Creative Co. came together over many nights watching rom-coms, and the few weekends when I convinced my husband he didn't need my help feeding cows.  


My Grandpa John became blind in his early twenties and never allowed it to stop his dreams or limit the things he wanted to do in his life. When my mom was growing up he always reminded her to “be more” and then she carried it on by telling it to me and my three sisters. 


Over the past couple of years, I have seen so many great businesses being started by amazing entrepreneurs and strong leaders and have increasingly gotten more excited to help tell their stories and help them “be more” as well. 


Consider me your mentor, teammate, coach, and biggest cheerleader who is here to help you turn your business goals into reality.


TV or Books? 

Books (I recently rediscovered my love for reading)

Go To Song(s)? 

Here Comes the Sun, Mr. Brightside, or Mr. Blue Sky

Ice Cream Flavor? 

Cookies & Cream (specifically "Oreo" at Sebastian Joe's)

Tacos or Pizza? 

Tacos (this was extremely hard to choose) 

80's Movie? 

Stand by Me 

Jogging or Hiking? 

Find me on a trail adventuring 
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